Een paar ja de piratentelevisie in Amsterdam en andere plaatsen in Nederland in het begin van de jaren tachtig was er in Amerika ook sprake van TV Hacks. Deze youtube bijdrage over Max Headroom gaat daarover. Lees daarna mijn reactie over hoe het ooit in Amsterdam begon.

When cable television in the Netherlands arrived in the beginning of the 80’s pirates started broadcasting on the brand new channels that people in this country finally could receive (like Germany and Belgium). When these channels close their evening broadcast, these pirates started their amplifier and targeted the signal to the receiving tower in the Amsterdam network on the same frequency. It was easy to check if you were tuning in the right way because you looked to the television receiving the signal at your own position… Most of the material they broadcasted was the porn VHS tapes from the Videotheque, most of the time interrupted by self made commercials of furniture stores that lasted 10 minutes or more. It was a huge succes and took over in other cities in the country doing it the same way. The only thing you needed was a RF converter (which was in every VHS or Betamax machine) and the RF amplifier/broadcaster, which you could obtain for a few hundred bucks on the legal market. The setup of cable television in those days was completely automated so there was no employee who could switch off a signal. From the cable company nodbody knows how to do it because the system was installed by some electro-service man and put behind the closet. It took months, maybe years before they could find ways to stop this piracy. Beside the porn video’s also big blockbuster movies were obtained from the videotheque. In Amsterdam also activists started pirate broadcasts with politcal performances, music, art and protest pamflets but they were soon able to broadcast legally on the then started Open Channel (1984) which is still alive today. (
Some historical examples from Dutch pirates from the 80s on yotube:’Two reports on national television about the pirate issue